Starting up

November 12, 2016


In this blog I am going to talk about where I am currently at with my work, my ideal job would be to work in factual production for film. I am in the early stages of my career and to be quite honest I have only just narrowed down what it is I actually want to do. I found that I was always floating around in the general direction creating media but with no real purpose. Now I have found my purpose and the more I talk about it the more passionate I get. Factual production as a whole can cover a variety of things such as television, radio, training videos, educational videos, printed material and more... Now I have chose to pursue factual production for TV/Film because I feel it is the most captivating way of communication.


Since being a student at the university of Salford I have began to create my own content and build a portfolio of factual films. Like I have said I am in the early stages of my career and I believe that I have a bright future ahead of me. I have partnered up with fellow student Matthew Taylor to create our own production company named Red Night Films (RNF Productions), we have began creating small videos for events and companies across Manchester and look to expand in the near future. We hope to deliver top quality videos for a variety of clients. This is very exciting for us as young film producers as we are finally seeing progression through our work.


We hope to take this business venture further, to keep up dated then simply follow my blog or find me on Facebook @alexander.saunders714 or follow me on instagram @saundersmultimedia.


Thanks, Alexander Saunders



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